Singing for Shub Niggurath – B&W


Lovecraft described some of his creations in great detail. Others are described in ways that are give the reader a vague sense of the thing and leave the specifics to his/her imagination. And others are left as vague eldritch monstrosities, barely comprehensible to the human mind. Shub Niggurath is one of those. So she (it) can be depicted however seems most appropriate.

I did a simple version of this illustration last October for the Drawlloween/Inktober challenge. I liked the results so much that it seemed worth trying again.

Inktober/Drawlloween Postmortem


Well, that was something. I’ve seen Drawlloween and Inktober posts in past years but always during October – too late to participate. I just don’t enjoy playing catch up. This year I knew the challenges were coming and felt comfortable jumping in.

What do I think of the results?

Given that I’m always critical of my finished work – not bad. One or three of the images are just right. One or three of them are ideas/compositions that I may revisit as more detailed illustrations.

I don’t know if I’ll participate again next year. That’s a long time away.

Oh, that extra theme I added to my illustrations?

All the subjects are female. I know it’s not obvious with some of them but that’s my intention. Monsters come in at least two sexes and it’s important to give equal time.