What is Best in Life? – Pencils

By the time the robots take over the world all the large carnivores are likely to be extinct. So where did this chap get its furs?

I emailed the finished (inked and colored) version of this illustration to a friend. Just the illustration. No commentary. His response was perfect –

“I don’t think you MEAN for this robot to have skinned a teddy bear, but absent more context, that’s what I’m going with. Because I like it ­čÖé “

That works for me.

Killer Robots, Always a Bad Idea – B&W


I’m not worried about machines gaining sentience and then deciding to wipe out humanity. Maybe if machines could think they’d decide that we should be exterminated. Or ruthlessly dominated. Maybe they would have other ideas. We won’t know until it happens.

I’m more worried about programming machines to act as soldiers or as law enforcement. Programming has limitations and those limitations will get innocent people killed. The excuse for the tragedy will be, “We couldn’t have foreseen … “