The Mask That Reveals – Colors

The colors for this (and the next number of series of illustrations) are being laid down with Grutbushes. All my previous Photoshop coloring was done with the “brushes” that come with the program. I saw an online ad for the Grutbrush collection and figured that it would be fun to give these tools a try.

I love working with real world tools to make my art but, with limited time, it doesn’t work to use them to color my illustrations. With real paint one needs a good chunk of time to get any good work done otherwise there’s no point getting the supplies out. With Photoshop one can “paint” in 15 minute, 30 minute increments. No set up. No clean up.

The Mask That Reveals – Pencils

“Change is good.” So goes an oft heard euphemism (and occasional advertising slogan).

Nah. Change is inevitable. The best changes are usually those one makes of ones own free will. I’m (intentionally) making changes to my posting schedule. Instead of twice a week I will be posting three times. Instead of posting on Sunday and Wednesday I will be posting Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

On Sunday I will post the basic pencil art of an illustration. On Monday I will post the inked line art of the illustration. On Tuesday I will post the finished colored illustration. With my signature chop. I’ve been forgetting to put that on the work I’ve been posting here.

Thank you for dropping by. Comments are always welcome!