Pornoman & Kinky 2012

Pornoman Sketch
As far as I can tell, having the Pornoman cartoons on this site hasn’t done much to improve my SEO. If you do a search for “Pornoman” and “Kinky” together with either Google or Bing then the cartoons show up at the top of the list. Pornoman by himself doesn’t show up for before the second page. He’s got way too much competition from all the other Pornomen in the world.
Pornoman inked

Pornoman and Kinky #2

Pornoman and Kinky #2You’d think that, with names like Pornoman and Kinky, the characters would have had sex related superpowers and there would be a lot of pornorific action happening in each issue. It’s kind of obvious, right?

It’s possible that, if I had been publishing these “covers” myself I would have put more thought into exactly what Pornoman and Kinky got into in their crusades for justice. But probably not. Beyond the silliness of fighting crime while naked I’m pretty sure I didn’t put too much thought into what was depicted in the hypothetical contents of these comics. Since I was doing these gags for another publisher (High School Comics) and since they hadn’t asked for porn I kept the images and the gags pretty PG.


Pornoman and Kinky #1

Pornoman and Kinky #1With Midnight Commando I know that the idea of an ultraviolent hero came before the character’s name or costume design. With Pornoman and Kinky I’m pretty sure the title came first. Once I had the title I had to think up characters. Most superheroes wear skin-tight outfits when they fight crime. This is traditional. Superman wore a skin-tight outfit so everyone else does. Superman can lift mountains, fly into space and melt steel by looking at it. I say he gets to wear whatever he wants.

Those skin-tight outfits are drawn a bit more skin-tight than skin-tight exists in the real world. The way some artists draw superheroes the heroes are basically nude. And neutered. Most superheroes have Ken-doll crotches. Obviously what the world needed was a superhero who fought crime naked. Obviously.