Morgo, Step One

Morgo Sketch

McRory might be the narrator and protagonist but it’s Morgo here whose name is the serial’s title.

In my early research about the novel, before I actually read it, it sounded like Morgo was a Mowgli/Tarzan sort: a boy raised by beasts who becomes king of said beasts. Morgo’s actual origins are both more complicated and vaguer than that. Morgo was a young English boy prior to his life in the caves, so he knew “civilization” at one time. Once he came to caves he was adopted by the protomen and batmen in one of the lower caverns. Somehow he rose to become their king and leader. How that happened is left vague.

McRory, Step Three

McRory Black and White

Morgo the Mighty takes place in series of giant caverns located beneath the Himalayas. Most of the caverns have a “daylight” cycle, a period when they are flooded with light. In the novel, the method of how the light gets from one cavern to another is left … vague. There’s an explanation for why there’s light in the caves but it doesn’t work if you thinkĀ about it for more than a minute or two.

So in this illustration, I’ve depicted an organic method of lighting the caves. I plan to go into it in greater detail in later illustrations.


McRory, Step One

McRory Sketch

The narrator and protagonist of Morgo the Mighty is James McRory. McRory is a pilot ( and Irishman) flying in India who takes on the wrong passenger and ends up adventuring in a massive cave system beneath the Himalayas. Morgo gives McRory the nickname “Derro” because of his red hair. “Derro” means “red” in the language of the caves.