Preview Sketches

Here are some of the sketches I plan to turn into colored illustrations over the next few months. No doubt I will get distracted and work up new sketches before all of these get completed. I’ve also started work on a graphic novel commission that I expect will take up most of the time that isn’t currently filled by my day job. This week I’m just posting these previews and a few other, older illustrations that haven’t made it to this site yet. There may be some weeks where I don’t post. Hopefully not but … minisketches2017001 minisketches2017002 minisketches2017003 minisketches2017004

Summer 1835 – The Cleric and the Twilight People

The genausqua gestured again. “Sit” then “quiet”. 

We waited. In the distance I could hear the sounds of men. I did not have to strain to know that they spoke French. Until that moment, I had not known how much I missed the sound of it. As the men got closer I began to recognize more than the sound of language or individual words. 

The genausqua pressed his lips together in a tight angry line. Yes, the planning of murder was an ugly thing in any language.