Preview Sketches

Here are some of the sketches I plan to turn into colored illustrations over the next few months. No doubt I will get distracted and work up new sketches before all of these get completed. I’ve also started work on a graphic novel commission that I expect will take up most of the time that isn’t currently filled by my day job. This week I’m just posting these previews and a few other, older illustrations that haven’t made it to this site yet. There may be some weeks where I don’t post. Hopefully not but … minisketches2017001 minisketches2017002 minisketches2017003 minisketches2017004

Sketches Found While Looking For Other Things

Most of the drawings that I’ve posted this month were done in early 2015. Today’s entries are from (I think) 2013. All drawings are practice for the next one but I do some with a specific purpose. I’m not sure for what purpose these were done however. I found them in one of my computer files while looking for other images. I’m guessing that I was trying out a new pen. And, possibly, seeing how much I could improve in the inking process. Batman




Atomic Fish Zombies


The Horror of Party Beach is probably not a good movie. I’ve only seen it once and I don’t remember it being a good movie. The monster costumes are pretty ridiculous. Yet I keep returning to the story as an illustration subject. For me, the idea of human corpse reanimated and transformed into fishmen by atomic waste is just too much fun not to play with.

I Never Drink … Wine


I’m not a Dracula fan, either of the original novel or most of the movie versions. It’s not that I dislike the character or vampires. I’m just not a fan. I really enjoyed Tomb of Dracula, the comic book series by Marv Wolfman/Gene Colan/Tom Palmer, but that bore little resemble to the original novel.

Anyway. The literary Dracula had a mustache. The most famous version of Dracula was played by Bela Lugosi. Without a mustache. I fixed that.