Morgo and Lizzie Updates

Popular Magazine Cover: Morgo vs the Batmen

I’ve created a Morgo the Mighty page here at Skookworks. It includes all the Popular Magazine covers, the interior art, and downloads of the complete novel in both a Word doc and a PDF version.

Lizzie, Chapter 6

Over at the site,  Lizzie the Girl Knight has six chapters available for your reading pleasure.

Chapter 1
The Little Matchgirl – A Dangerous Run – The Killing – A Princess – and a Strange Coincidence

Chapter 2
The Kites – The Storm – The Dragon – An Unexpected Trip – The Forest at Desert’s Edge

Chapter 3
A New World – The Orchard – The Dwarves – The Strange Door – and a Terrifying Predicament

Chapter 4
Shutting the Door – Queen Lang Li – A Hurried Departure – The Golden Bricked Road – Stalked by a Monster

Chapter 5
The Long Walk – A More Dangerous Path – Another Door – Lang Li’s Veranda – Peril!

Chapter 6
Tom and Patches Worry -Battling the Skutters – A Make-Shift Raft – The Whirlpool – The Head in the Bag